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In the first 2016 issue of ZOOM you can get acquainted with the Community Pharmacy Section's preliminary programme for the 2016 FIP Congress which will be held in Buenos Aires, Argentina, this year. Read the teasers on the CPS sessions below!

The Community Pharmacy Section will organize a session with short oral communications and posters as in past years. We encourage you to send abstracts for short oral communications/posters as always.

Do not miss the webinars which will be organised both by FIP HQ and by the CPS - read more below!


Number 1 – March 2016

ZOOM is published by the Secretariat of the Community Pharmacy Section of FIP


The present issue features the following topics:
FIP 2016 Congress in Buenos Aires
Calling for abstracts
FIP Webinars

ZOOM Topics

FIP 2016 Congress in Buenos Aires

This year, the FIP congress will take place in Buenos Aires, Argentina, from 28 August till 1 September 2016.

Visit the congress site on the FIP homepage here.

The Community Pharmacy Section is already working hard on the programme of the next congress. The theme of the 2016 Congress will be: "Rising to the challenge: reducing the global burden of disease".

See the teasers for all the CPS sessions here.
See the preliminary CPS programme here. Back to top


Calling for abstracts

Be active at the FIP 2016 Congress in Buenos Aires.

The FIP congress is a great place to promote your research! The Community Pharmacy Section invites you to present a paper at the Congress. You can submit an abstract for a poster or an oral presentation. Abstracts should be about pharmacy practice. Guidelines and the online submission form are available here.

Abstract Mentoring Programme

For the forthcoming World Congress of Pharmacy and Pharmaceutical Sciences in Buenos Aires, Argentina, FIP has implemented an Abstract Mentoring Programme. This is an extra support for authors with limited or no experience of submitting an abstract for a scientific congress.

The goal of the mentoring programme is to help authors present their material clearly and concisely before their abstracts are submitted for the formal abstract review process.

Because abstracts must be in English the programme may be particularly helpful for those whose first language is not English.

What mentors and mentees can expect

Abstract authors may send a draft of their abstract to a FIP mentor and feedback will be provided.

The volunteers who serve as a mentor in this process will pay attention to:
• Grammar and spelling
• Structure
• General content (e.g. does the project address a "significant" or "important" issue? Would
  any further information improve the abstract?)

Comments from the mentor will be one-time-only advice. They will not be followed by correspondence between mentor and mentee.

It is important to note that the mentoring process is entirely separate from the formal abstract submission and review process. Requesting mentoring assistance and gaining feedback from that process will not guarantee that an abstract will be accepted for presentation at the congress.

You will find the FIP guidelines on writing an abstract and abstract requirements here.

For more information, please send an email to:

The online abstract form is available here.

Please submit your abstract no later than 1 April 2016.

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Fip Webinars
FIP invites you to join for a new series of webinars on changes to United States Pharmacopeia (USP) chapters on sterilization & sterility assurance, the essentials of evaluations in pharmacy experiential education and caring for patients with respiratory disease. More details below.

IPS Webinar: Changes to USP Chapters on Sterilization & Sterility Asssurance
24 March 2016 (Thursday) at 16:00 CET (10:00 US ET)
Sterility and sterility assurance are among the most frequently cited reasons for sterile product recall by FDA. The USP has provided general guidance on sterility assurance in informational chapter <1211> for more than 20 years and has become increasingly aware that substantially updated content was needed. A major revision of USP's general chapter is underway and significant components relating to sterilization are now official under Sterilization <1229.X>. This webinar reviews the revised sterilization related content and describe the additional material still under development.
Registration for this webinar is possible here:

AcPS Webinar: The Essentials of Evaluations in Pharmacy Experiential Education
3 May 2016 (Tuesday) between 09:00-10:00 (GMT+1)
Attendees of this webinar will be able to; discuss experiential education regardless of their global location, distinguish between formative and summative evaluations, apply different tools and rubrics to the students practice experience, provide examples of methods to share expectations to the student and discuss means of delivering a high quality preceptor experience. Relevant resources for the webinar will be shared after a question and answer session has concluded.
Registration for this webinar is possible here:

CPS Webinars: Caring for patients with respiratory disease
Chronic respiratory diseases (CRD), such as asthma and chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, kill more than four million people every year and affect hundreds of millions more. These diseases erode the health and well-being of the patients and have a negative impact on families and societies, and constitute a serious public health problem in all countries throughout the world. As an international federation of organisations of pharmacists, it is the mission and responsibility of FIP to address issues that broadly affect health and well-being across the globe.
Pharmacists play an important role in improving the overall health of patients experiencing respiratory illnesses: they have therapeutic knowledge about respiratory diseases and play a vital role in identifying and counselling patients on how to properly use CRD medication through tailored advice by using patient-centred care.

Webinar 1. Back to basics: the respiratory system and chronic respiratory disorders, 28 June 2016
Webinar 2. Treating patients with chronic respiratory disorders effectively and safely, 5 July 2016
Webinar 3. Pharmacists always walk the extra mile: tips and advice to help patients make the most of their therapies, 12 July 2016
Webinar 4. Let´s build a service for patients with a chronic respiratory disease, 19 July 2016

For each webinar, a personalised CPS-FIP certificate will be emailed to participants who attended the webinar and correctly answered a short evaluation questionnaire.

Keep an eye out on the FIP events calendar for updates and registration links to these webinars.

Conferences and media partners
FIP is pleased to announce upcoming meetings and workshops around the world concerning pharmacy practice, pharmaceutical sciences and global health. For more information visit the FIP events calendar.
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